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Man Behind The Concept

Rahul Sinha – The Photo-Dreamer

The CEO – DreamLens

Born in Pedong, a small but beautiful hamlet of Kalimpong, Rahul, is today altogether a dissimilar ‘signature’ in the field of photo-business of the region of North Bengal and Sikkim. This photography icon has a topsy-turvy history experienced as an ever struggling wanderer within a small time span. Rahul, the photographer turned photo-entrepreneur, has lots of stories to boast for.
Astonishingly, the photo-trainer Rahul, had started his career as a ‘mathematics trainer’ in an aptitude training institute in Siliguri, when he was himself a young computer science student. He was struggling to achieve something different than his fellows. This hard hitting fellow started putting in hard days and hard nights to transform his tough experimentations into success stories.
Then Rahul shifted to booming IT industry. He took a risk to start a start up in website construction firm – Webnettrix. He ran the show for almost 2 years in website building for the clientele he developed himself as a marketer.
The voyage did not stop here. Rahul became a news portal director. He tried his hands in the field of online journalism. His portal was a smash hit in the region of North Bengal and Sikkim.
But somewhere in his heart and mind, a photo- dreamer always peeked out while he was trodding through the zigzag way of a solo life. He was assured of himself that ‘Rahul is a photo-dreamer’. He starved hard to fetch a basic DSLR camera when his journey settled finally to the mindset that discovered a photo-innovator in him.
This is how the humble beginning of dreaming a benchmark photo firm was dreamt. Rahul named ‘Dreamlens’ to his invisible but shallow dream that he carried since his early days of life. No formal training, no certificate, no degree as such! Risk after risk, Rahul was at the uncertain doorstep of another risk – whether the photo firm will survive. He came, he saw and he won. Today, the dream of a photo-dreamer – Dreamlens – is undoubtedly a trendsetter. This was the history of the Rahul’s photo-history and the rest will be another chunk of history, as well.
The organization has been able to employ and value the amateur to experienced photographers who really are passionate about creating vigourous images. Day by day, Dreamlens is achieving new heights only because of the backbone behind the organization still works hard in the ground level to make it happen, really, in real terms.
As of now, this never unputdownable man of still images is venturing now in the field of dynamic images – the films.