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Answers to the most common questions that are asked to us during a wedding booking.

  • What type of weddings does DreamLens cover?

We at DreamLens cover almost all types of wedding irrespective of religion and culture. In our past we have covered Marwari, Punjabi, bengali, Bihari, Nepali, Buddhist & Christian weddings. So, it really does not matter what wedding it is.

  • What all will you cover in our wedding?

Almost all the events that will take place is a typical three day wedding will be covered. We at DreamLens try to capture every bit of the fun and ritual in best possible way so as to deliver the movie and the pictures at its best.

  • What is the typical team strength of DreamLens who is going to cover our wedding?

For a single side wedding, our base team will include two Cinematographer and two Photographers one each for candid and documentation shots. For a both side wedding coverage, our base team will include Four Photographers and Four Cinematographers. Each individual professional at DreamLens specialise on their role to give you best output.

  • Can this number be decreased/increased?

We don’t recommend a reduction in the size of the crew as this is likely to affect the quality of the film and picture. This choreographed, multi-camera setup allows us to position ourselves strategically to capture ceremonies more naturally as they take place, without any hindrance. We would suggest you our self to increase the number of crew members if we think that more number of professionals at your wedding will enhance the quality of the deliverable but that would incur extra cost which shall be decided during contract signing.

  • What are the common deliverable that are delivered with the package ?

Videos Deliverable: We normally deliver three types of movies of which one is the small highlight of approx 5 minutes along with a full length edited movie, the length of which is around 50 – 60 minutes roughly. Third one is the full length Sangeet Video, (If your event has this included).   Picture Deliverable: We deliver almost all the pictures that we take during the wedding event, both candid and documentation. These pictures are exposure and color corrected. Along with these pictures we will also give you  approximately 2000 pictures which will be high tuned to its best possible color and temperature. The third folder will contain suggested pictures for your photobook/album on which you can later delete or add new pictures so as to fulfill your needs and give it back to us for photobook preparation. For a single side event we include two albums with 30 sheets each and for both side coverage we include three albums with 30 sheets each in the wedding package.

  • Where do you get our albums printed?

From the beginning when we came to this profession we are associated with a world renowned photobook printing company CANVERA . We offer them the printing work because they master this field and do the job upto the best level of perfection.

  • Can the number of photobooks delivered with the package increased ?

Yes, on additional cost we can give u extra album of which the approximate charge is Rs. 15000 – Rs. 20000 for best quality.

  • Can I opt only for candid, stills or only video service from DreamLens and keep other team for services other than what we opted from DL?

We are extremely sorry to inform you that we do not offer customized service. During a shoot the photographers and the cinematographers should have co-ordination and co-operation so as to get the best out of your wedding. The DL team is well trained to handle toughest situations that may arise during a wedding shoot. We do not work with other team. We do not recommend it at all. This is also to avoid getting into each others frame which is possible if there is a secondary team. It may obstruct and tamper with our work. The advantage of a single team is that we will get clean, unobstructed visual frames without being hindered by another team who may not co-operate with us as they would also work on their terms to get best output.

  • Which all locations do you travel to cover a wedding ?

We are located in Siliguri, West Bengal but we travel across India for any type of wedding. We also work in some of the neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan & Bangladesh.

  • What is a Pre Wedding Shoot ?

A Pre Wedding shoot is a session with DL team before your wedding. One can either get great HD images clicked through our lenses or get a motion video done to preserve it as a memory or you can go for both together. We welcome ideas from you on how to go about the shoot and what all to include, as because this is solely your memory and the creation should be yours. We will always be there to guide you on what to do and what not to do. The dresses, makeup, props or any location cost is totally on client. We are comfortable to travel to the shoot locations on our own car and the travel cost is totally on us upto 50 Kms of distance. We generally conclude the shoot in two days and if required we shoot on the third day too so as not to leave any loop hole in the creativity. For locations above 50 kms of distance or for places where the circumstances are such that we have to stay in hotel, client have to bear all the extra costs.

  • Can we opt only for Pre Wedding and get the wedding coverage done from other group of professionals?

We believe in start to end coverage and hence, stand-alone pre-wedding shoots are not our style. We film pre-wedding shoots for clients whose weddings we have been commissioned to film. This serves as a great start to the final highlight film.

  • What are audio bytes and why are these important for the quality of the film? How many people can I have in these bytes?

The primary charm of the wedding video is the footage and just so that the events are nicely interlinked, we film interviews with the close family bytes (Bride, Groom, Parents and Siblings / Best-Friends ) so that there is an underlying story that keeps the viewer connected to the film. As the story unfolds, the viewer gets a sense of how the couple met and decided to spend their lives together.  For this, we film about 30-45 mins of audio / video bytes with each of the six frames’ people. This is because we can ask the same questions to different people and place the story in a coherent format in the edit room.  Too many frames and bytes in this case will create an edit hotch-potch of sorts and we have faced these situations in the past.

  • What are audio bytes and why are these important for the quality of the film? How many people can I have in these bytes?

We shoot thousands and thousands of film clips from multiple cameras and occasionally the total duration of these RAW clips exceeds 50-60 hours of footage for a typical three-day wedding. At the studio, these clips undergo careful conversion and screening and a bunch of editors work night and day to create a first cut of the best clips for the chief editor. This process is almost factory-like with editor stations brimming with activity through odd hours. Client interference at this stage not only delays the final edit by double but also disrupts the zen-like concentration of the editors going through the footage in their own space and time. Therefore, we strictly do not permit clients to sit through RAW footage selection. This is the reason we have one round of edit changes. In case the couple is unhappy with some footage he / she can communicate this after the first screening of their film and the changes will be incorporated.

  • How many days does it take to deliver the deliverable mentioned in the package?

After your wedding is over, we assemble all pictures according to your event and the image editor of our studio does the screening of all the images which is really a time taking process. We normally deliver the screened pictures in a pendrive within 60 days from the date of wedding which contains 1. All the images those are clicked during the event. 2. Approx 2000 images that are edited to the best possible look. 3. Suggested selection for the photobook. The client in turn has to give us the final selection in next 15 days from the date of delivery of the pendrive containing the suggestion. After the client submits us the selection, it normally takes 60 next days for the film and the photo-book work. The work may get delayed if one fails to give us the final selection within 15 days. In short maximum of 6 months is required to deliver the complete work.

Film editing is a tedious and creative process and we work with some of the best editors in the industry who are perfectionists and believe in the highest quality of film editing. After seeing hours and hours of footage they select the best of the best shots for the  film and naturally all this takes time. As a thumb-rule, each minute of final edit takes about one day to finalise once the final edit begins. Rest assured, once you see your final film, the wait will be well worth the time.

  • How much does your package cost?

We normally work on per day charge module for which we charge Rs. 1,00,000 for a day of work but we also believe that each and every wedding is special on its own way, so the final price is calculated depending on the requirement or any addition subtraction on the package.